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Portrait Shoot: Wednesday in the Park with Aubrey

I met Aubrey through Model Mayhem about a year and a half ago. I was looking for portrait subjects to build my portfolio, and I put a call out. She had a great look and was also looking to update her modeling portfolio, so we hit if off. She's also a cosmetologist, and changes her hair frequently, so she liked the idea of documenting her current hairdo. I told her I'd be happy to shoot her portrait every time she changes it!

Well, if I'm being honest, those images didn't come out great. She looked great and took direction well, and even brought some really fun clothing pieces. I was the one who failed. I didn't realize how low I had pushed my shutter speed — 1/80 is too low for shooting handheld — not to mention the low light in the studio I rented. Needless to say, the files themselves where not suitable for printing, and I really only used them on instagram. Which is a tragedy because I loved the shots we got! It was a good lesson in patience. It also reminded me that during the shoot, you need to make sure that you're getting what you think you're getting.

I immediately wanted a "do over" with Aubrey, but it took over a year to find the time in our schedules. We met at Volunteer Park and walked around looking for nice light, some shade and interesting backgrounds. Parks are usually full of options, so I will suggest them often when clients don't have a strong opinion. You can even make them look somewhat urban if there are granite steps to lounge on.

For this shoot I took my time, I scouted locations before she got there just to have a game plan, I checked my settings frequently, and never shot at a speed of less than 125 (and honestly, it was so bright out I was actually much higher for most of the afternoon). I simply placed her in the flattering light of shade trees so her skin tone was even and clicked the shutter. I love these images!

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