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Portrait Shoot: Natural Light Two Ways

Natural light studios are my favorite place to photograph simply because of the options. The mood is dictated by the elements that make up the picture: light, shadow, wardrobe, mood, color, texture, and expression. I have worked with a lot of models, and it's great to meet someone new who takes direction really well, but it's so much better when you get the chance to build a relationship over time with a model who becomes a contributor to the process.

I've been shooting Diana since 2013, when she became the face of my emerging fashion brand, Boho Republic. For a fashion designer, working with the same model frequently for fittings or product images is a must, and over time they become something of a muse. Diana was my fashion muse and my photography muse for several years and my designs always look like they were made for her. She also happens to be a multidimensional artist.

These images were shot on the same day, in the same studio. I love how the gold dress and flowers contribute to the light, airy, dreamy feel of the shots; while the dark wardrobe and somber expressions create a completely different vibe.

This is also an example of how I like to blend styles and create a dynamic portrait, fashion, lifestyle image. As much as I like a simple, black and white traditional portrait, I love layering and depth and vibrant colors. I often have an idea of what I'm going for when I schedule a shoot date - I choose a few wardrobe pieces, backdrops, accessories — but when I get to the studio, I don't follow a road map, I just work intuitively and often something unexpected happens. Maybe the studio has a beautiful chaise lounger or an old wooden ladder that can be used as a prop. Or maybe the windows are covered in a dreamy plastic film that turns the light into a big diffused soft box. Every corner of the space will have its own personality and depending on the direction of your lens, you can get a lot out of a couple of hours.

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