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Portrait Shoot: High School Seniors

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Last fall I had the opportunity to photograph a couple of high school senior portraits, and it was a great challenge finding interesting locations and backgrounds. They were both really great subjects — open to direction and trusting of the photographer. Also, very consistent smiles! I shot Jack in Georgetown under the freeway, near the old train tracks, surrounded by the gritty industrial feel of the south end neighborhood.

Ruby and I wandered around Volunteer Park and found some beautiful trees for backgrounds. Lately I've been glued to the ipad watching CreativeLive videos and so I thought I'd put some of my newly acquired knowledge to the test. Jackie Jean Photography taught me a thing or two about bringing the sun back to the PNW. The day Ruby and I shot at Volunteer Park, it was chilly, overcast and flat light. It's really fun to warm up the image, brighten the trees and make it look like a sunny fall day! I might have taken it a bit too far, but once you start playing with color, you don't want to stop!

Below is my favorite shot from our session, with the golden tree and lamppost in the background. We got at least a dozen usable images in just 45 minutes. Packages for Senior Portraits start at a flat $250, and include half a dozen edited files. Although most people get their portraits done over summer break, the fall is actually a more forgiving time of year, with less harsh sunlight and more natural colors. Check your kid's school's deadlines for file submission, to make sure you've got time. But I've photographed people in lots of bad lighting situations, and we always make it work. Seattle is fortunate to have lots of trees for shade options.

Jack's parents and I go way back, so we also got some family shots in during our portrait session. We walked all over Georgetown, which has such a great vibe — there were too many options for backgrounds! Cool record stores, train tracks, underpass, bars, brick walls. We lucked out with a sunny warm day with really beautiful light.

We only spent 45 minutes together but this young man makes me hopeful for the future. Smart, kind and thoughtful. Best of luck to you Jack!

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