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Portrait Shoot: Windowlight with Ladder

Sometimes all you need is a headshot. Here's my face, that is all. But portraiture is personal. Taking headshots to the next level is about capturing the soul. I like to think that's my super power when it comes to taking portraits. I've got the technical skills, yes, but I'm not any better than your average photographer when it comes to gear and settings and lights. What I bring to the table is the ability to put my subject at ease, make them comfortable in front of the lens, and learn something about them. Four years of drama school taught me everything I needed to know about interacting with strangers.

Of course, I often get lucky, as in this case with Sara. She's a model, so she's generally comfortable in front of the camera. But even models appreciate some direction and feedback so they know they are delivering on the job. And once we were done with the fashion portion of the shoot, I thought it would be fun to get a simple windowlight portrait of her as well. This studio had amazing light coming in through a wall of windows, covered in some kind of plastic embossed window film, which really created a generous soft box effect. Oh, and there was an old paint-covered ladder in the corner. Perfect!

I didn't actually try to make her hair match the wood of the ladder, that was a happy accident. And the textured green sweater was just what she wore to the shoot that day, and it also adds depth. I think all 3 of these shots captures her vibrant personality, her openness and love for life. It's also a common thread that the models I choose typically are not just models, they are usually complex individuals. Sara is a musician, actress and model, and has ambition to spare. She was an absolute pleasure to shoot and really transformed into the muse of my 2019 fashion campaign for Boho Republic.

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