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[Urban] Landscape Photography: Seattle Skyline

I have lived in Seattle for 30 years and I've never taken the time to go to West Seattle and view the city from that perspective. I'm almost always looking at the city from up on a bridge or up on a hill. Back in January, long before we were ordered to practice social distancing, I grabbed my camera and set out on a wandering path to view Seattle from a different perspective. It was a nice change to be at sea level on the same plane with the Space Needle. There are so many lines to capture as well. I love these benches all lined up for the show that is Seattle's Skyline.

When I first left my day job in order to build a photography business, it was at the top of my list to commit to personal projects for so many reasons. There's nothing like giving yourself a project to build your skills or learn some new ones or invite inspiration that could lead to a new area of focus. This was such a great day in West Seattle, I'm so glad that I have these images to look back on! I had planned to explore all the Seattle neighborhoods that I can and create a "Portrait of a Neighborhood" series, and I'm hopeful that we will all be getting back to business soon.

My architecture friends would love this image. Look at all those lines! I have to admit, I'm not the best at keeping lines straight in camera, and I rely on photoshop to help me with that. But I have come to really appreciate leading lines and how they can add impact to a composition.

We live in such a beautiful city, it breaks my heart to think about the struggles everyone is going through right now — and I know it's just the beginning of how this pandemic will shape our future. The silver lining is that people are connecting more than ever, even if that means digitally rather than IRL. I had rarely used Face Time prior to a few weeks ago — it wasn't necessary, I knew I'd see people at least 4 days a week and I enjoyed those 3 days at home on the island to recharge. Well, after nearly 2 weeks at home, with 2 more weeks to come, I'm recharged!

I hope you all are getting creative and keeping busy so you can mentally survive this stay-at-home decree. And when the clouds part and the outbreak is under control, I hope to see you out there getting back to business!

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