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Landscape Photography: Love Your Yard

The Pacific Northwest has such a vibrant natural color palette that it's always a treat for me to get to photograph meticulously landscaped yards. Some of the most beautiful elements I see are actually grasses. I've fallen in love with the many varieties of native grasses that decorate yards in this neck of the woods. Now I just need to learn what they're called so I can incorporate them in my own yard.

I love the hardscape elements as well — the use of stone pavers and pathway bricks that meander throughout the property. It's like the house is showing you how to navigate for the best views. These details really add to the overall impression but at the same time, everything is so well incorporated, you don't even notice.

Another popular trend in the Seattle area is to forego traditional down spouts in favor of beautiful rain chains — I see them everywhere! This copper version has cups shaped like little acorns and probably makes a lovely "fountainy" sound as the rain trickles down the chain. I also love that this little corner of the back of the house gets its own little arrangement of grasses and flowering plants. I want to say that's a Japanese Maple in the back — we have one on our property as well and it's just lovely.

The day was a bit stormy when we shot these images. It was September, which is always a gamble weather wise, but we got about an hour's worth of clear skies to shoot outside and the light was very warm and soft. This little walkway sneaks back around to the front door and is lined with more of the colorful grasses.

With all the time we've been spending at home lately, our outdoor space has become critical for creating that separation from work. Stepping outside into a natural oasis is one of the simplest ways to shake off the work day, reconnect with loved ones and stash the phones and tablets in favor of drinking in the natural surroundings.

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