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Landscape Architecture: Sunrise Details

Before I worked with Landscape Architects, I had no idea how much strategy and planning went into what I had previously referred to as "landscaping." I have now been schooled and have a deep appreciation for a carefully plotted yard with native plants, sculptured foliage and organic hardscape structures that make you feel like there is no divide between the indoors and the outdoors. Not to mention a thoughtful landscape plan can really elevate your curb appeal. This stunning project sits high on a hill overlooking Union Bay and was designed by Board & Vellum.

It's not just about flowers. These purposely planted trees give privacy to the upper outdoor deck, and provide something of a natural screen between homeowners and their neighbors. Otherwise, how often would you really sit on this deck? The appeal of sitting outside while also not being on display makes a great case for hiring a Landscape Architect.

In the Pacific Northwest, we tend to rely on hearty plants that are comfortable with our climate, mostly green and bushy. These beautiful grass/wheat like plants are having a moment in the light of sunrise. I'm still looking for the right plant book so I can identify all the plants I photograph. This moment was mostly about the sunrise catching the light of the yellow leaves.=

Mixing flowers with grasses and coverings is a real art, and I love the way the shadow is playing on the concrete wall in the back. This was an early September sunrise shoot, when the light in Seattle is at its most flattering.

I'm not much of a morning person, I prefer quiet solitude and a hot cup of coffee to commuting to a job at 7:00 am. I mean I'm always up early — my dog requires breakfast by 7:00 am — but I would prefer to start my day later in the morning. This particular photoshoot was planned to be as close to sunrise as possible, so I mentally prepared for it and got to bed early the night before. Little did I know I would encounter such a soft golden light, so different from sunset. I can't wait for the next sunrise photoshoot.

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