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Lifestyle Photography: Work From Home

Back when I had a day job, working from home was a luxury you had to earn over time. When I started at Board & Vellum in the fall of 2014, I had just moved to Vashon Island, and my boss, who was also a friend, generously allowed me to stay home one day a week from the get go. Then after a few years, I was able to reduce my time in the office to only 3 days per week. That felt like the perfect balance to me. Being an extrovert, I don't want to be isolated on an island more than 4 days a week. Little did I know that soon I'd be isolated on an island 24/7.

I've been trying to inspire myself to do lifestyle shoots since I'm home and I have the time, but it's been hard. I don't know where I got the energy this week, but I cleaned up the "home office" corner and actually took the time to do a photoshoot! Whiskey the Brittany Spaniel is always just a few feet away from me, but she gets bored with photoshoots really quickly. I love this photo of my office corner looking so clean and fresh.

I hope you're all staying home and staying safe until we are allowed to congregate again. Things will definitely be different going forward, but I hope that some good comes out of this lockdown. Speaking of which, my other business, Boho Republic, is having a "Pay what you can" sale starting on the 14th of May, so if you're interested in finding a casual, comfortable, chic outfit for working from home, check out the event link.

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