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Lifestyle Photography: Comfort + Joy

For over a year now I've been working with Vahdam India to promote their amazing tea products. Vahdam is India's largest home-grown premium Wellness brand focused on tea and superfoods. The products are ethically sourced, from "Farm to Cup" and 1% of their revenue is directed toward the education of the children of tea growers through their TEAch Me Initiative. Promoting a brand that has a high quality product and gives back to the community is so easy it doesn't even feel like marketing. I also love, love, LOVE their packaging and creating beautiful images with their products.

I bought three of these "heart shaped" teacup + saucer sets at a thrift store last summer. They really are unique and when you see something in a second hand store, you can't pass on it because you'll never find it again! You can imagine how many "treasures" I'm storing in the studio with that attitude. It really creates a beautiful shape with the tea and I love to photograph the cups from overhead.

These nine little tea tins are adorable and I couldn't resist making a little pyramid with my "tin soldiers" for a very holiday themed photo. I can't wait to try all 9 flavors! The Lemon Ginger is zingy but light and great for a full tummy (which we all seem to suffer from during the holidays). The Apple Cinnamon tea with a little sugar and whole milk tastes like you're drinking dessert... so good. The Masala Chai might be my favorite. It's smooth and fragrant and warms your chest. Next up I'm going to try the Chocolate Vanilla!

The gift box itself is made of sturdy cardboard with a magnetic closure, and could be reused in any number of ways to store small items. And every time you open the box you'll take in the spicy aroma of tea!

Disclosure: As a "tea influencer" I am given product for free in exchange for promoting, but I will never promote any product I don't personally love. This gift box is available through their Amazon Store and I have a promo code for you to get 10% off the price: VTHOLIDAY10

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