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Landscape Photography: Beach Walk While Social Distancing

Ten days ago we began practicing social distancing. Although it feels really strange not to shake hands with clients or hug our friends, it's now a way of life. I'm so grateful for our island home during this unprecedented time. The fresh air and the physical distance — you can't see anyone else from our house and the beach is even more remote. One day a week ago (all the days are running together so I couldn't even tell you which day it was) we just happened to take our dog for a beach walk at the same time as our neighbors were walking their dogs. We all walked together, checked in with each other, enjoyed watching the dogs play and kept a six foot distance.

I'm also grateful for Whiskey — our almost 3-year-old Brittany Spaniel, not the liquor —even more than usual. She showers me with affection and being her only playmate right now, I chase her around the house, wrestle with her on the floor and generally spend most of my waking time tending to her needs. Dogs are incredibly loving and a great comfort in uncertain times. And watching her chase the birds on the beach is a thing to behold!

It's funny how I have a totally different relationship with Whiskey than my husband does. She obeys him on the beach even off leash, but with me, she pushes her boundaries daily. She sits submissively at his feet when he's eating, but when I'm having a snack she puts her head on my lap and begs. Her dog bed takes up half of my sewing room floor, and often I have to walk around her to get my work done. I guess I've always been something of a push over when it comes to pets, but I wouldn't change a thing. I hope you have a furry friend to comfort you in these trying times.

This photo is a bit blown out in the sky but there's something I just love about it. I hope there's a beach walk in your future.

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