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Interior Vignettes: Apartment Building Refresh

When I was young and single, living in apartment buildings, there were no plush amenity spaces available at any of the buildings where I rented. I'm dating myself since I’m talking about the late 90’s, but back then I was lucky if the entry door locked and there was a functioning elevator. In the last decade or so, developers have gotten really smart when it comes to boosting the benefits of renting their tiny apartments. If your living space is only 700sf, but you also have a lobby bar, a lounge, a gym and a roof deck to utilize, it feels like you are getting a lot more for your dollar.

City living can be expensive and crowded, but just having another set of walls to look at once in a while can make all the difference. The Eden Apartments created a space on Queen Anne focused on women in the tech sector, and they're not afraid to deliver femininity infused in the decor. Their website refers to the neighborhood being "accustomed to comfort and grace" and the apartments as a "stylish and modern respite." You had me at comfort!

This sitting area on the 2nd floor opens out to the roof deck, and the gray and pink color palette is really inviting. The dashes of brass give the space a sophistication that probably looks really glamorous as the sun is setting. Who needs to go to a loud, crowded bar when you can grab a bottle of Prosecco and head to the roof?

The cohesive interior design by Board & Vellum creates the perfect setting for relaxation after a long day at work. Sure, it's nice to go out to happy hour after hustling all day, but having the option to stay in and still feel like you're out is sort of the best of both worlds.

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