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Street Photography: Downtown Seattle

Digital photography has turned "people watching" into street photography. I've been watching people all my life, but before there were camera phones or DSLR's, I couldn't capture what I saw. Those days are gone and everyone you see is a street photographer.

I specifically wanted to photograph this alley in Pioneer Square after seeing a video by Steve Sweatpants on Creative Live. This location is also used frequently for Seattle Wedding photos and has a great urban romantic feel, especially in black & white.

Combining street photography with other techniques I'm still trying to master, I managed to get a blurred image of a pedestrian crossing the street. Showing movement brings the photo to life and adds to the story.

If you search the web for images of Pike Place Market, I can't imagine how many hundreds of thousands of photos you'll find (maybe millions?) but there's something about the iconic market that draws photographers to it daily. These photos were taken on Memorial Day weekend, so there were tons of people out, despite the rain.

You could probably photograph a different busker every day of the year at the market. This musician is doing most of the heavy lifting, telling the whole story through his newsboy cap and suspenders sitting on milk crates. Not to mention the fact that he's playing the violin which is an unusual instrument to see on the streets. I love that his case is full of dollar bills even though it was only about noon when I shot him.

The world famous Pike Place Fish Market is always a great place to plant yourself with a camera. The guys that toss fish back and forth all day long are accustomed to being photographed, having selfies taken with customers, and answering questions. This guy just looks like a fisherman.

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