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Interior Photography: Light & Airy

I photographed this residence last fall on what was supposed to be an overcast, rainy day. Not only did it not rain that day, there was blinding sun beaming through the windows that required me to raise many of the window shades on the west side of the house in order to get the job done. Seattle skies are typically cooperative providing a lovely soft box effect with a blanket of gray clouds. Not that day! It can be a challenge in the Pacific Northwest to photograph interiors, no matter what time of year.

This homeowner has impeccable taste from the bold color of the front door to the coordinating artwork, the carefully selected furniture and decor pieces — it's the kind of home that makes you instantly relax when you cross the threshold. Uncluttered, light and airy, with soothing colors and warm wood tones.

Working with other photographers for the last several years, I've learned a lot. It's great to have another set of eyes on set and to collaborate on the best approach to a project. Shooting on my own, left to my own devices, I probably overshoot, but it gives me several options to choose from once I'm looking at the proofs on a large monitor. It's part of learning the craft, and every shoot makes me a better photographer.

Architecture is all about lines and so is photography. Leading lines are meant to draw the viewer's eye around the image — this home had so many great lines, it was a challenge to find the best angle. I made several attempts to get these chairs lined up and I can admit, maybe I went overboard. The back legs of all three chairs are on top of each other, and from the camera's perspective, they are almost non-existent. But I like it anyway!

Speaking of lines, many of the stair rails used in modern architecture have multiple lines and cross in different directions. I love how many angles are in this one detail shot. The project was designed by the team at Board & Vellum. You can view the entire portfolio on their website.

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