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Street Photography: Downtown Seattle

I think I could spend one whole day a week photographing downtown Seattle and never run out of ideas. There's so much to see and do, all of which I'm fantasizing about as I remain self isolated on Vashon. This series of photos was taken in the fall of 2018, wandering around with an hour to kill before an event. The photo above is mostly real, but I composited a few more birds into it for drama. Wandering through the city with a camera is a luxury that I will never take for granted!

I'm currently obsessed with motion blur, maybe because I don't think I've ever really nailed it. Getting the settings right and being fast enough to capture a moment is a bit of a balancing act. You have to be really patient and just wait for the photo to present itself. If you try to move around and capture different moments happening around you, it will be a lot less successful. Everything in my world right now is teaching me patience even photography.

Look at all those people at the market! Of course these were different times when there was no threat of gathering in public. I used to work in this area and would walk through the market almost every day on my lunch hour, people watching and soaking in the buzz. This is not even as packed as I've seen it, but the reflection makes it seem like there are more people around. I love how many interactions are happening in this photo and I will never tire of photographing Pike Place Market. I've done a Lifestyle/Fashion shoot as well as an engagement session in the market and it always contributes to the photos.

My comfort level talking to strangers has trained me for street photography and I had to ask this guy for a photo. Compositionally, I wish I hadn't cut off the dogs front paws, but otherwise, it's a lovely addition to my series "Portraits of Strangers." I typically process these street portraits in black and white, but the vibrant walls and the graffiti in the alley were really interesting so I thought I'd leave it in color. And I can never resist a sweet puppy face!

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