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Ringing in The New Year Never Felt So Good

I realize that things aren't going to be much different on January 1st, but waving goodbye to 2020 feels like an important milestone. Simultaneously I'm weary from the pandemic restrictions and feeling housebound, I have a lot to be thankful for. My immediate circle of friends and family have all managed to avoid catching COVID and we continue to stay home as much as possible. The extra time this year — no commuting, only getting dressed from the waist up, etc. — has left hours upon hours available to devote to reading, learning and keeping up with current events, witnessing the dysfunction of the political climate and trying to do my part, connecting with friends and family from out of town more regularly. The majority of which would never have happened in the "before times." I've come to embrace the concept of slow living, focusing on what is most important, and taking time to fully experience life in the moment.

Personal photography projects have sustained my creativity this past year. For those few hours a week that I gather props, set up and shoot, I'm completely distracted from the world. It's the same feeling I used to get in a movie theater by myself in the middle of the afternoon. Escapism at its best, and a few hours to unplug. Although we didn't see anyone over the holidays, we still dragged the decorations out and I was inspired to shoot a few holiday themed still life portraits to create a little beauty in the world. These flocked and sparkly tree ornaments look vintage, but I bought them new about 10 years ago. I found the green martini glass in a thrift store recently.

I hope to be able to build my photography business this year and catch up on the time I lost in 2020. If you are looking for lifestyle, product, social content, portraits or interior images, please reach out. I've got my mask + glove routine down and will work with you to set up a safe shoot with whatever comfort level you require. You can also ship your products directly to my studio for no contact photography! Let's work together to keep your business on track.

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