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Lifestyle Photography: Cabin in the Woods

While on location in eastern Washington to photograph a cabin in the woods, I walked around the property and found that there was an incredible story to tell separate from the architecture.

This shoot marked the birth of my obsession with detail shots. I had just purchased a 50mm prime lens and was blown away by how much work the gear was doing for me. The low aperture goes a long way toward creating the beautiful creamy background and it makes a newbie photographer feel like a pro instantly. I’m happy to report that I have since learned how to create these depth of field shots with other lenses, but I still reach for my prime lenses when I really want to create some drama.

The vibrant color of lichen in the middle of so many shades of brown is visually arresting. It looks carefully and artfully placed on this graying fence post, but it’s just the work of time and mother nature. Maybe I was seeing things differently because of my new lens, or maybe it was the absolute quiet on the property, but it was a great day for photography.

Growing up in New Hampshire, my dad would split a cord of wood each summer in anticipation of the cold winters. Our primary heat source was the wood stove in the living room and it worked pretty well to heat the 2 stories. My dad would light the fire every morning around 5 am so the house would be warm when the rest of the family got out of bed.

There were a number of animal skulls and random bones scattered around the property, which were beautiful and grotesque all at the same time. This one hanging on a tree like a trophy was just begging for bohemian flowers and ribbons, but I resisted.

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