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Interior Vignettes: Mood and Texture

When I approach photographing an interior space, I don't think about the design transformation necessarily, I just look for the light. If I start with natural window light then follow that light around the room, it will reveal the personality of the design. Light plays off textures and the combination can make for great interior vignettes. The textures in the rugs, throws and bedding are all working really nicely together in the above overhead shot.

I (and most of the Instagram community it appears) prefer interior vignettes over the wide angle money shots that encompass a whole room. There's something alluring about seeing just a sliver of a space that really draws the viewer in, leaving them wanting more. I'm still refining my photographic style, and after years of trying to balance the light perfectly across the entire image, I'm giving myself permission to underexpose, create a little mood, a little mystery.

Photography like many of the arts can sometimes only be described through feelings. I don't know why I like this image so much — maybe the straight lines, maybe the fact that nothing is fully visible except for the items on top of the dresser. There's depth and perspective and still it's a pretty clean photo. I can see a faint rim light on the door handle coming from the window light at the left. That being said, I'm always looking for feedback, so what do you think?

Shooting smaller vignettes from above offers the possibility of so many textural elements. A glimpse of the wall and the brass sconce, a sliver of the floor and the rug, a suggestion of the bedding and all that glorious real estate on the top of the night stand. There's a lot going on but it still feels quiet.

This beautiful space was designed by Board & Vellum and I photographed it while I was working for the company as PR Director. I'm forever grateful for the opportunity to test my photographic skills on the job. Check out their portfolio for the story behind the project.

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