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Food Photography: Superfood Smoothie Bowls

I visited Fit Bar Cafe in West Seattle just before the pandemic struck and ordered one of their "PB Power Bowls." I had been searching for a local smoothie joint online, and when I found Fit Bar Cafe I knew their menu would make for a great photo opp, but I was really blown away by the flavors. I wanted to try them all, but I started with the PB Power Bowl because of the decadence. The acai smoothie base was dense and cool and in contrast to the peanut butter and bananas which were buttery and smooth, the whole thing was amazing. I took a few natural light snapshots before diving in. Do you see the honey glistening? And they serve them in an actual coconut bowl.

I was the only customer in the place when I got there, so I introduced myself to the owner, told him of my intentions of photographing the bowl, and that I'd share the images with him and tag the cafe online. He was thankful for the opportunity, so I sat by the window and worked on styling the scene with the spoon, the napkin and the cute tin coffee cup.

I'm especially proud of my juggling skills — holding up a spoonful with my left hand and photographing it with my Nikon in my right hand, and getting a clear focus!

Going on my 5th month at home, I've been craving a special smoothie bowl treat. I never thought I'd have the patience to make one myself, but since I've got some time on my hands, I went all in. I was inspired by this recipe I found on Pinterest.

What I love about photographing food is achieving a shot that actually makes my mouth water. I think it has a lot to do with the highlights, the rich colors of the ingredients and the close up shots that really make you want to take a bite.

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