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Fashion Shoot: Lookbook Love

Twice a year local boutique Sassafras publishes a digital lookbook as a way of previewing all the spring and fall fashions arriving at the shop, and last year I got to work with Amy Tipton, the owner of Sassafras to create the content. Amy hires her real life customers and designers as models and we typically photograph all the looks in the Belltown neighborhood where the shop is located. Belltown has so much character it really makes for the perfect backdrop for independent fashion. Amy is a great organizer and she pre-selects the locations for shooting each of the collections, and contacts the shop owners ahead of time just to be sure that a photoshoot will not interrupt their business.

But sometimes we take a detour which always works out because Amy knows all the local business owners! On our way back from the first location we stopped in at another local shop — Rebecca Onassis Boutique — on the edge of Belltown toward Pike Place Market, and the light coming through the windows was absolutely stunning so I had to snap a few photos. I love how bright and airy this photo is and how flattering the light is on Twyla. Street and Saddle talioralls and horse camp shirt, hat by Loops & Lines.

Across the street from Sassafras where the Starbucks used to be, there is now a lovely Italian bakery called Caffe Limoncello. Limoncello occupies the ground floor retail space of the historic Austin Bell Building that dates back to 1889. I frequented the space when it was a Starbucks and loved the high ceiling and tall windows, but it never felt appropriate for such a modern brand. The historic character of the building is much more suited to an Italian bakery, and the owners did a great job with the design.

It's a rustic and beautiful space with gorgeous tile and wood details, and they make exquisite things like "lavender and rose petal eclairs." The way the orange banquettes play off the blue tint to the walls and counter is an inviting color palette and made a great backdrop for the outfit that Twyla is wearing. Poppyseed top and Morning Siren pants, Cosmic Twin earrings and handbag by John met Betty.

For our last stop of the day we went to Bangrak Market on 2nd Avenue. The restaurant was recently named one of the best newcomers to the Seattle restaurant scene by several sources and let me tell you the place smelled amazing! The design is bold with vivid rainbow colors everywhere you look. Their patio is lined with windows and the sun was streaming in perfectly for our final shots of the day. The photos we took at this location provided a whole different vibe to the overall lookbook in contrast to the other spaces.

Pop in to any of these local businesses next time you're in the neighborhood and then go shop at Sassafras!

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