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Event Photography: Rooftop Party

Is there anything more enticing than a roof top? Despite the fact that there are only a handful of days per year when a rooftop can be enjoyed in Seattle, those few moments spent on a rooftop make the waiting all worthwhile. With the chill in the air this week I can't stop thinking about spring and when the next opportunity to get on a roof will present itself. Last September (aka the best month to live in Seattle) I had the opportunity to photograph a celebration on one of the city's newest rooftops — The Lucille on Roosevelt.

The Lucille was a labor of love for everyone at Board & Vellum — the company I used to work for as a Public Relations Director. The project started just after I joined the firm in 2014, and it completed in 2019, the same year I decided to retire and do my own thing. We had a good 5 years together, culminating in a ton of photography and one great rooftop party for all involved. The views from this 7 story building are spectacular!

I couldn't have asked for a better venue to act as the backdrop to my photographs. The design is fresh and beautiful and the place was so very brand new that everything was pristine. The Clubroom is an enclosed Kitchen/Living space just down one flight from the roof, available to all the tenants as an extra amenity space and it is simply flooded with light.

The rooftop itself is so amazing I kept trying to justify renting one of the units myself. From the roof you can see for miles in every direction of the surrounding Ravenna neighborhood. The stone fire pit is instantly warm and cozy, and only requires a knob to turn it on, rather than camping skills. The glamping-esque canvas tent is a hipster treat, decked out with Edison bulb string lights, Pendleton blankets and red lanterns. But the real star of this space is the abundance of landscaped trees and flowers, making you feel like you're actually in the middle of nature.

Board & Vellum designed every inch of this building providing architectural, interior and landscape architectural design — also for two of the commercial tenants on the ground floor. The team truly created something cohesive and inviting. Take a look at the full portfolio on B&V's website to experience the entire project.

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