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Architecture Shoot: Blue Hour on the Water

Daylight Savings time never really bothered me before. I can adjust, not a big deal. But when we brought home a puppy who thrives on routines, things changed. Twice a year we play along with it, but Whiskey does not. No matter what the clock says, she will get up at the same time every morning. So last fall, we turned the clocks back an hour, but it was actually 5:30 am instead of 6:30 am when she nudged me awake the next morning. I decided to embrace the challenge and got out my camera and shot some night photos pre-dawn. I love how our house looks in the morning light. I don't have the appropriate wide angle lenses for architectural photography, so I'm not really equipped for it, but I certainly try whenever the opportunity presents itself.

As part of my job at Board & Vellum, I coordinate our project phototography, hire the photographers and help them on set with staging and other assistance. I had the chance last fall to travel to eastern Washington to accompany our photographer on a shoot of a new cabin on a sprawling ranch that my office designed. He had already been to the cabin and photographed the interior, so the purpose of this shoot was to capture the cabin in the twilight of post sunset and capture that glow. As he set up his camera, I walked around the property taking shots of the grounds, which were full of character — there was no end of interesting shots. He set up his tripod and left it in the exact same place for 2 hours waiting for the perfect light and the exact moment when he could capture that one money shot. Working with architectural photographers over the last few years has really opened my eyes in so many ways. It has taught me patience and attention to detail, and made me see things in a whole new way.

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