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Interior Vignettes: Sigma Kappa Mu

By day I'm a Public Relations Director at Board & Vellum, a medium sized design firm on Capitol Hill in Seattle, offering architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and branding services. I've long been a fan of interior design - back before I knew better and I called it "decorating." When I got my first apartment, I think I painted the walls 3 or 4 times before settling on a color. You could say my primary style is eclectic bohemian but I like a wide variety of colors, prints, textures, etc. and enjoy digging through antique stores as much as searching online for one specific thing. I don't think I'd I'd be very successful if I were trying to design for others, but it's something that inspires me and I really enjoy doing for myself.

I do love peeking into a remodeled home thats just completed construction or a model unit installation, and taking vignette photos of the different views within the larger space. At the office I coordinate with one of our pool of architectural photographers to set up a day of shooting, and while they're getting the wide angle money shots, I crawl around on the floor trying to capture a small detail, or take a close-up of a beautiful finish. I feel really lucky to get the opportunity to contribute to our portfolio projects and it's improved my skills over the past year immensely.

This space had the tallest windows I've ever seen, so the sun was streaming in almost the whole time we were there. It wasn't easy - harsh directional light is not the most forgiving to shoot in, but I'm not afraid of a challenge. It's amazing how much warmer a space feels when there is evidence of daylight and shadows hitting the floor or walls.

I was recently reminded by Facebook that I've actually been shooting for a decade, but only recently (2018) decided to cultivate a side hustle of photography. As you'll see from my website, I spent the last year shooting anything and everything: events, portraits, landscape, fashion, interiors - every shoot is an opportunity to learn, to practice and to capture something new.

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