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Studio Shoot: Brooke in Windowlight

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

There are some amazing spaces for rent in Seattle, and I've tried about a dozen of them utilizing Peerspace. Capitol Hill and Pioneer Square have the best options if you're looking for squeaky-authentic-wood-floor-chic or crumbling-brick-wall-vibes. The only downside is there aren't a lot of elevators in these old buildings, and I've actually had to climb 3 floors while carrying garment bags, accessories and camera equipment (only once, then I learned my lesson). This particular studio has a high ceiling, a white painted brick corner, two white walls and rustic wood shiplap surrounding the bay of tall windows facing East, which means - as long as you don't start shooting at dawn, you never have to work around harsh sunlight. Beautiful softbox effect with the sheer curtains and only one long set of stairs to climb!

This shoot was for the Boho Republic 2017 SS line, and working with Brooke was amazing. We got over a dozen great shots featuring the clothes, as well as some nice windowlight portraits. I was fortunate to have the makeup talents of Beauclair Beauty Bar on hand, which elevated the images in a very professional way.

This natural light pairs perfectly with the bohemian style, and the studio creates a lifestyle vibe which is so much more conducive to getting great images than a cold studio with strobe lights. It's also much softer on the skin, and really focuses the attention where you want it - the eyes and the cheeks, and often, the colorful printed fabric of the dresses.

Blurring the lines between the different genres of photography is where the magic happens, in my opinion. Fashion, beauty, portrait, lifestyle - all layers that add depth to an image. I'm something of a control freak, so I enjoy all the elements of a photoshoot: designing the dress, casting the model, selecting the accessories, booking the studio and taking the photo, but I have to admit that I'm really not comfortable putting eyeliner on another person, which is why I'm grateful for people who are willing to collaborate with me.

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