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Lifestyle Shoot: Hailey in Belltown

Last year I dove head first into lifestyle photography! I brought along my long time fashion model, Hailey Huffman, and we spent a few hours one afternoon walking all over Belltown, making up scenarios and taking images that would hopefully convey a lifestyle vibe for her to use in her portfolio to get signed to a modeling agency. I'm happy to say it worked! It was also a great challenge to shift gears from fashion and just take a more documentary approach to making pictures. There is something quintessential about taking lifestyle images in a coffee house in Seattle in the spring. I made most of my adjustments in lightroom and then added a preset called "Champagne Crisp," but had to back off the red a little. Then I added a vignette to really pull your focus toward Hailey, and they're a little dark, but that's just my style.

I love how the foam and sprinkles looks dreamy and out of focus, and the soft position of her hands. This photo really evokes the emotion of a day drinking coffee with no responsibilities. Perhaps it's the equivalent of a country song?

We were cracking each other up by creating dialogue and scenarios to create mood for the camera, and I highly recommend it. I think my acting background gives me a lot to pull from when it comes to storytelling and giving models direction.

These images were taken at Macrina Bakery and it was warm enough in April that they had their windows open. I loved the glow from the pendant lights and the square art on the back wall, but mostly, it was just fun playing with depth of field and bokeh effects. I also love dark and moody colors and window light. I can't wait to do more of this type of photography!

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